Inspiration Left: Sculpture by Being Human; Right: Loneliness by Hans Thoma.
The animated slogan of our idea: I AM IN, VISIBLE (Made by David).


Instagram stories: posting stories of loneliness to warm up for the event (Made by Maria).
Selection of materials (Courtesy of Damul & David).
Making Final Model (Courtesy of Damul & David).
Model and poster production completed (Courtesy of Damul & David).

<I’m In, visible> Touring

Touring Preparation (Edited by Sue).
Counting Data (Courtesy of David).
Final Outcome Video (Edited by Sue).

Result — Looking forward to our next meeting

Final data result: Courage is the “winner” of that day (Made by Group).
To be shared, to spread and to be expected (Made by Group).

🎬Post-credits scene

Loneliness is everywhere and nowhere (Courtesy of David).
Being asked to leave Trafalgar Square (Courtesy of David).
Ending (Courtesy of David).




UAL MA User Experience Design Student

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UAL MA User Experience Design Student

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