Finding Meaning

New online research has given us some inspiration: London is one of the loneliest countries in the world; doing acts of kindness can help ease loneliness. Combining these two points, we came up with an idea: to raise public awareness of urban loneliness and to mitigate the negative filter of loneliness by spreading messages of goodwill and acts of kindness.

Physical AR — Materialized Experimental Process

Prototyping (Courtesy of Sue).
The whole Testing Process (Edited by Sue).
Interview Summary (Made by Group).
Inspirations & Mood Board: While thinking about how to achieve this, I found a reference to a quick 3D mannequin made through cling film and tape (Made by David).

Final Idea — “Transparent Human” & Prototyping

The Lonely Human Idea (Drew by Damul).
Low fidelity prototype made by Dumal and David (Courtesy of David).
The Lonely Human Idea Concept Vide (Made by David & Sue).

Next Move — Reconnect with Digital World


Lloyd, M. (2013). Art with Mrs. Kennedy: Art Club- Packing Tape Sculptures. [online] Art with Mrs. Kennedy. Available at: http://artwithmrswithem.blogspot.com/2013/02/art-club-packing-tape-sculptures.html [Accessed 1 Apr. 2021].



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