Second in-depth interview

Based on the feedback from the third week, we started to think about how to guide the target group in getting out of their own space, improving negative thoughts and initially exploring new cities and gradually adapt to new environments. Firstly, we re-interviewed the target users to understand their daily routine and the lonely moments in their day and their impact, to see if we could understand them more and identify new design opportunity. I designed an interview sheet to support the interviews and a timeline chart to summarise the interviews.

Daily Routine Interview: David was talking with interviewees and Sue was observing and taking notes (Courtesy of David).
Left: Results of the interview sheets (Made by Group); Right: Timeline of interviewees (Made by Group).
Timeline Combination: to find some commonalities (Made by Group).

Another New Idea — AR Geocaching

We have redefined our design goals: Encourage people to go out and establish communication and connection in new environment. Inspired by the AR cases provided by Maria, our group started a new round of ideation, trying to come up with an idea for a mental tutor-like expedition that could be used to create new memories.

AR Inspiration that can encourage people to go out and interact (Made by Group).
Five different ideas about the AR expedition (Made by Group).
AR Geocaching Flow & Concept (Made by Group).
Concept Video of AR Geocaching (Edited by David).


What is a meaningful design? What kind of design is worth doing? I’ve been thinking about this over the past few weeks. When someone is lonely, we shouldn’t design a product to distract them temporarily in a way that only makes them more and more socially inept and inexperienced, which in the long run increases their loneliness; nor should we design a product to simply maintain the lonely person’s social relationships with family and friends, keeping them in a comfort zone for a long time risks great danger.



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