Narrow Down — Two directions

A variety of ideas: for example, Alex’s focus on the playfulness of larp; Damul and maria’s collaborative cooking would bring a sense of connection between families; rikkie and tiana’s greater focus on establishing a sense of physical or spatial contact for people living alone (Made by David).

First Direction: Exploration of Communication

Analysis of the diversity of loneliness situations & Research of interventions to reduce loneliness (Made by David).
Sue’s new perspective of focusing surroundings of the target (Made by Sue).
Case study: We take inspiration from animal features technology and physical contact. (Made by Group).
Idea 1 Jellyfish concept: Families separated from each other can interact with each other through this “jellyfish” in a crystal ball. (Draw by Rikkie & Sue).
Idea 2 Tail concept (Draw by Damul).


Left: Scenarios for the use of “tail”; Right: Tail morphology variations (Mady by Damul & David).






UAL MA User Experience Design Student

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UAL MA User Experience Design Student

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