During the Brief-Lauch Day Presentation, Zoha and Matthew gave us a brief introduction to the background and history of R/GA (an interesting insight into the trajectory of the design industry) and then introduced us to the brief, and here are some key points:

Research Method

Literature Review (Made by Group).
Directly Storytelling (Made by Group).
Cloud Words to summarize the Cause of Loneliness & Mitigation of Loneliness based on Storytelling (Summarized by David).

Synthesis & Analysis

I summarised all the behaviours that respondents mentioned mitigating their loneliness and how these behaviours made them feel. I found that most of the activities were still predominantly of the independent type; all activities mainly brought a sense of connection, achievement, pleasure and relaxation.

Left: Mitigation of Loneliness (divided into two categories: collaborative and independent); Right: Categorisation of feelings after the action. (Mady by David)
Left: Affinity Mapping of Storytelling (Mady by Sue, Tiana, Cat & Damul); Right: Benchmark (Made by Rikkie, Alex, Maria C & David).
Potential Opportunities (made by David).
Exploration of the first opportunity: New activities based on everyday objects — we did the Film experiment, body connection, collaborative disco, collaborative drawing through Zoom Connect (Made by Alex, Tiana, Rikkie and David).

Next Step

Week 1 Timeline Summary (Made by David and Sue).


The collaboration of eight people enriches the whole design process; but communicating and understanding each other is more challenging and requires more time and patience. In this process, individual communication and communication skills, understanding and resilience were all honed.


Sweet, J. (2020). The Loneliness Pandemic. Harvard Magazine. Available at: https://harvardmagazine.com/2021/01/feature-the-loneliness-pandemic (Accessed 17 Feb. 2021).

🎬Post-credits scene

First Group Meeting (Courtesy of Cat).
A clumsy imitation: Alex and I used Constellation Map (from OOO) to analyze the interactions during two activities to combat loneliness, the result was no new findings (Made by Alex & David).



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