Research Method

Literature Review (Made by Group).
Directly Storytelling (Made by Group).
Cloud Words to summarize the Cause of Loneliness & Mitigation of Loneliness based on Storytelling (Summarized by David).

Synthesis & Analysis

Left: Mitigation of Loneliness (divided into two categories: collaborative and independent); Right: Categorisation of feelings after the action. (Mady by David)
Left: Affinity Mapping of Storytelling (Mady by Sue, Tiana, Cat & Damul); Right: Benchmark (Made by Rikkie, Alex, Maria C & David).
Potential Opportunities (made by David).
Exploration of the first opportunity: New activities based on everyday objects — we did the Film experiment, body connection, collaborative disco, collaborative drawing through Zoom Connect (Made by Alex, Tiana, Rikkie and David).

Next Step

Week 1 Timeline Summary (Made by David and Sue).



🎬Post-credits scene

First Group Meeting (Courtesy of Cat).
A clumsy imitation: Alex and I used Constellation Map (from OOO) to analyze the interactions during two activities to combat loneliness, the result was no new findings (Made by Alex & David).




UAL MA User Experience Design Student

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UAL MA User Experience Design Student

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