Welcome to Brixstop~ (Courtesy of Sebastian).

A Brixspot for Sharing Joyful Things

In a workshop with Max, he wanted a Brixspot for sharing vinyl records (Courtesy of Sue).

Improving the materialisation of Brixspot & Blockchain

Thanks to two CTL technicians, Rocio and Ed, for their help: code guidance, debugging and lengthening the Dupont wire (Courtesy of Sue & David).
Brixspot three views and dimensional measurements (Made by David & Sue).
Tatiana and Alex discussed about Brixspot’s sounds (Courtesty of David).
Left: dismantling the week 6 prototype and assembling the final model; Right: Spray the four legs of the Brixspot white (Courstey of David & Ula)
Left: Fix the clear acrylic sections with glue; Middle: trim the lockers; Right: determine the layout of the terminals (Courstey of David).
Get interaction flow and interface design done (Mainly Made by Tatiana & Alex, Modified by Group).
Left: Get a cabinet with upper and lower levels done; Middle & Right: Get the backside’s and cabinet’s wires invisible & neat (Courtesy of David).
Get the backside done (Courstey of Alex & Sebastian).
Get our storyboard done: one is about sharing items in the store, another one is about writing a proposal (Drawn by Sue).
After testing, We set the final height and have improved some of the interaction interfaces and added some sounds (Courtesy of Tatiana & David).

Final Presentation

Video introduction to the process of using the terminal interface (Made by Alex)
Brixstop process introduction video (Edited by Sue).
Final Presentation when Charlie and Clive experiencing Brixstop & John Fass writing a proposal for the next one (Courtesy of David); Feedback session (Courtesy of Sylvester).


🎬Post-credits scene

Continuous testing to arrive at the most appropriate print interval response & keep this cabinet well (Courtesy of David).
High Fidelity Happy Ending (Courtesy of David).




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