What we need to do?

“What should we make apparent?” Model (Made by David).


Workshop volunteers: Sylvester & Tiana, the process and outcomes (Courtesy of David).


In terms of materialising the blockchain, I came up with the idea of informing people of their actions in relation to the blockchain through the flashing of LED lights with different colour. Alex came up with the idea of materialising the features of the blockchain open ledger by having people write down a record of their transactions. I later thought perhaps this approach could be enhanced and reduce the number of steps for the user through automatic printing. Tatiana came up with the idea of embodying the blockchain verification mechanism by using “the word of mouth”. Sue designed the logo for our whole idea: Brixtonspot and the colour pattern.

Our idea’s Logo & potential look of our Brixspot (Made by Sue & Tatiana).
Lots of information in our shop (Made by David).
The process of collaborative shop prototyping (Filmed by David).

Speed Dating

Different people test our autonomous sweets shop (Courtesy of David).


Our design process has more than once confirmed Ingold’s view of design and making, a tension between the pull of the imagination and the drag of material constraints. At the prototyping stage, for example, we were always limited to thinking about how to make the shapes/looks based on the materials we had on hand or could buy in the given time. Although we have many interesting and creative possibilities, we choose to discard them because we do not know what materials and techniques to use to achieve them. We are not only constrained by the material itself, but also by our knowledge and insight of the material, our knowledge and insight of the technique and so on.


Ingold, T. (2013), Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture. Routledge London.

🎬Post-credits scene

Ikea Meeting when we were sourcing materials & Testing Ardunio LED with distance sensor (Courtesy of David & Tatiana).
Medium Fidelity happy ending (Courtesy of David).



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