Case Study and Inspiration

We looked at shared resources and other similar projects before refining our interactive processes and interfaces.

Left: Alex’s research about ‘common heritage of humanity’ and ‘Afro Supa Heroes’ (Made by Alex); Middle & Right: Sue’s research about (Made by Sue).
David’s research about ‘Memphis Group’ and ‘Library of Things’ (Made by David & Sue).

User Interface

Left: Initial proposal process (Made by David); Middle & Right: Information architecture diagram for our App (Made by Tatiana & Sue).
Introduction to the mobile and terminal interface (Made by Alex).

Speed dating

Speed Dating with 4 other groups (Courtesy of David).


Looking back on the week, we found a lot of good references and inspiration, but didn’t do a good job of summarising and organising them and using them in practice. Instead, we fell into the trap of user interface design. We wasted some time discussing and thinking about what the whole service flow and interaction should look like and what information should be displayed on each interface, which had no relevance to our topic and blockchain at all. What we should focus on is how blockchain technology relates to the service as a whole, its role and function in it, and how to externalise these connections and functions.


Library of things (2021). Library of Things. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Jun. 2021].



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