Complexity Buckets & Case Study

Complexity Buckets (Made by Group, Oranized by Sue).
Case Study (Made by Alex and Sue, Organized by David).

Field Research & Crazy 8

Synthesis of first field research (Made by David).
Crazy 8 and our common poit (Made by Group).
Our Final idea drawing and introduction (Drawn by Sue).
The expansion plan for the self-owned shop, in three phases (Made by Group).


Presentation photos and presentation materials (Courtesy of David).


Catlow, R., Garrett, M., Jones, N. and Skinner, S., 2017. Artists Re: thinking the Blockchain (Vol. 1, №3rd). Torque editions.

🎬Post-credits scene

Before and after field research (Courtesy of David).
Thanks to Charlie for taking us through the Brixton Pound consumption (Courtesy of Tatiana & David).



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