Literature Research

Alaistair recommended a book on Blockchain to us and we decided to pick a few chapters to read: Tatiana read an interesting chapter on Proof of “Purr”; Sue read a chapter on some blockchain platforms becoming new intermediaries charging de-artist fees (an example of Blockchain being misused). I read the fascinating chapter about people using the blockchain’s immutability and public transparency to record their wedding vows and even perform weddings (Proof of Love on the blockchain, saying goodbye to traditional churches and state institutions). Alex read a chapter on “Plantoid”, a Blockchain-based lifeform that entices people to donate through flesh and incentives, and then uses Smart Contracts to self-propagate. This is a good example of the materialisation of Blockchain.

“Participating” the Blockchain

Sue and I have spent a lot of time working on Blockchain in the digital currency field. There were three main operations we wanted to accomplish:

  1. Create an account and buy cryptocurrency;
  2. Transfer $0 to ourselves to create a transaction record;
  3. Attach our information to this transaction record and check in a blockchain explorer.
Our facial expressions as we try to explore the cryptocurrency platform (Courtesy of David).
Analysis of the whole experience and a summary of our feelings and thoughts (Made by David & Sue).

“Discussing” the Consensus Mechanism

During the group discussion, we found that PPoS is the fairest consensus mechanism available — Instead of based on people’s computer processing power or stake proportions, the PPoS selects a algo holders from committee via unique cryptographic randomization tool- VRF(Verifiable random function).

Video of the workshop process (Edited by Sue).
Workshop output (Countesy of David)


Photo of Presentation and paper-based presentation materials (Coustesy of David).
  • If we can add information into Blockchain metabases, then we need to think about what’s next? who reads it? How? When? Why?
  • How do we tokenize community approval as a social meterial?



Catlow, R., Garrett, M., Jones, N. and Skinner, S., 2017. Artists Re: thinking the Blockchain (Vol. 1, №3rd). Torque editions.

🎬Post-credits scene

Signing the workshop agreement (Countesy of David).



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