Screenshot of the project launch day & Second meeting (Courtesy of David).

Project Launch Day

In the first two meetings, two members of This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll, Charlie and Clive, briefed us on the development of Brixton Pound and its collaborative project with Algorand(a blockchain platform) respectively. This gave us an initial idea and reference of what we would be designing next. But with no knowledge of blockchain and the Brixton community, we needed to answer these questions first: What is blockchain? How does it relate to Brixton and Brixton pound? What is materializing and How?

What is Blockchain?

Through online research, we have gained an initial understanding of Blockchain. Simply speaking, blockchain is a distributed ledger that is completely open to everyone.

History of blockchain development (Made by David).

How is the blockchain being built and maintained?

Trying to create a Blockchain is essentially impossible without the help of people — the information on the ledger needs to be written by people and verified by people. And people need incentives to encourage them to participate and labour. This incentive is the consensus mechanism, whose main function is to elect people who record new blocks and give them rewards (cryptocurrencies).

Three different consensus mechanisms (Made by David).
Two simple games about PoS and PoW mechanisms: In very simple terms, PoW is a game where the Blockchain bookkeeper is chosen by competing to solve mathematical problems faster. PoS is about choosing Blockchain bookkeepers by the weight of the stakes. (Made by David).

What is Money or Value?

Money is an artificial construct. Not real, just a piece of paper, but has some TRUST in it. So could money be somthing else instead of paper or coins? What if alternative currency is actually something else? Can Blockchain help us subvert and rebuild the trust system? Alex and Tatiana also conducted an artefact analysis to see what values are found in objects other than money after our discussion and literature study on the value of money.

Artifact Analysis of Money, Food and Photo Album (Made by Tatiana & Alex).


Right: Presentation when we were introducing PoW (Courtesy of David) Left: Brixton Collage of significant moments (Made by Group).
Metaphors of money and Blockchain (Made by Group).


During the week, we discovered that Brixton Pound and Blockchain share similar anti-social centralisation properties, bringing ownership, access to information and greater opportunity back to people. It is the antithesis of big manipulative capital paradigm.


Bitcoin (2009). Bitcoin — Open source P2P money. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jun. 2021].



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